Patong Girl

Lead Actress Victoria Trauttmansdorff (Annegret)

What was it like to work in Thailand?
Thanks to the Thai film crew, we got to know the country beyond mere tourism. We filmed in places that I would never have seen otherwise, and were warmly welcomed wherever we went. After filming in the red light district for a while, everyone recognized us and smiled at us.

Was there a particular reason for you to accept this role?
Annegret always wants to do right by everyone and anyone. She feels responsible for everything, particularly the three men in her family. And that's why she's constantly failing. People always say you have to learn to let go. Poor Annegret just isn't capable of doing that, and that's why I liked her from the start.

You're familiar with that moment where you realize you?ve got an empty nest?
Both my daughters left Hamburg at the same time. I just couldn't imagine it until it was happening. I missed them before they ever left.