Patong Girl

In her directorial debut Patong Girl, Susanna Salonen looks beyond the usual, comforting prejudices, telling the story of a German family's vacation to Thailand.
(DR Kultur)

…a witty and clever experiment with prejudices and gender roles.
(epd Film)

She wanted to show an authentic side to Thailand, says Susanna Salonen, ever the documentary director. She succeeded in that…
(Die Rheinpfalz)

As a movie, it's a small masterpiece with a great sense for situational humor.
(SWR Kunscht!)

…Susanna Salonen…has, in Patong Girl, pulled off a terrific feature debut. Comically and cleverly, she uses a host of shrewdly observed details to skewer the stereotypes in the minds of everyone involved (both onscreen and in the audience), draws up wonderful characters and tells a magically romantic intercultural love story.
(Kieler Nachrichten)